How to Maintain the Countertops with Granite

When you think of granite countertops, you must realize that many historic structures that have lasted the test of time are made from stones, similar to granite. Therefore, it is evident that they are very durable and would probably even outlast your lifetime or that of your house. They age beautifully and although damage to granite kitchen countertops is possible, it costs very little to remedy the damages. Read on to know about the brilliant ways in which you can make your granite countertops last a lifetime.


Do’s and Don’ts in Cleaning Granite Countertops


Most cleaning and maintenance techniques associated with granite countertops can be compared to the similar techniques that apply to the maintenance and cleaning of most stone countertops. Therefore, if you adhere to these good practices, it is quite simple and easy to take care of your granite kitchen countertops. The steps that you should follow include:

  • Blotting up spills immediately-Although acidic substances like sauce or fruit juices do not have the same etching effect as they do on marble, they are potential causes of stains. The same goes for cooking oil. Therefore, it is important to wipe them up as soon as they stain the granite surface.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the surface-Using cleaners that have been specifically made for stone countertops and do not cause any damage to the granite surface and sealer integrity is the best choice while cleaning granite countertops. However, the use of hot water during quick clean ups is a quick and potent solution. The use of dish soap to clean your granite countertops will cause build-ups over time and result in the loss of its shine. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this variety of cleaning agent for regular cleanups.
  • Use coasters-Although, it is not entirely necessary to use coasters while dealing with granite, practicing so is beneficial as it avoids even the slightest chance of accidental etching on the surface.
  • Do not keep hot pots or pans on granite surfaces-Although, granite is quite durable and rarely cracks when subjected to thermal shocks, placing a hot pan or pot on the countertop may rarely cause cracks, chips or scratches to the surface. Moreover, once you remove the pan or pot, the underlying surface will remain to be very hot and might cause accidents if not careful.
  • Use cutting boards-Make use of cutting boards while chopping atop granite countertops. Scratches might take place on the granite surface, and you also risk dulling the blade of your knife by cutting over granite on a regular basis.


There are certain things that you should not do while caring for granite countertops. These things have been mentioned below:

  • Avoid generic products for cleaning-If you wish to avoid spending extravagantly on granite countertop maintenance in the long run, refrain from spending a little extra while buying cleaning products for your granite countertop. Regular and generic products found in the market like glass cleaners, bleaches, and various degreasers will only result in damages, stains, and loss of sealer integrity when applied to granite countertops. The chemicals, acids, and alkalis present in these cleaning products are caustic to granite surfaces and should, therefore, be avoided at all costs.
  • Make use of ammonia, vinegar, orange or lemon for cleaning-The use of such acidic and alkaline materials to clean granite surfaces is not recommended for the very reasons mentioned in the point above. Therefore, it is wise to avoid cleaners that have such substances or mix the same while cleaning with warm water. The use of warm water is more than enough for regular cleaning granite countertops and granite-safe cleaning products must be used during thorough cleaning sessions.
  • Avoid grout cleaners, bathroom tub & tile cleaners-The powder and creamy cleaning agents of such nature contain small abrasives that have the power to dull or scratch granite surfaces.
  • Avoid standing or sitting on granite countertops-Although, granite countertops are very durable and hard, they are usually not very flexible. Moreover, they lack a plywood backing and therefore, the application of excess weight on one concentrated spot might cause cracks.
  • Avoid keeping toiletries and liquids directly on your countertop-Most bottles of liquids and toiletries such as cooking oil, perfumes, shampoo or nail products have a tendency to leak over time, which often goes unnoticed. This continuous leakage over time can cause stains to your kitchen countertop. Therefore, the use of shelves or stylish trays is best recommended when storing such liquids or toiletries on granite surfaces.
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